Hello there, invisible readers!

So another week comes to an end. All in all, it was a good week. Turns out I won’t be joining Yázigi after all. I got a job at CNA and they want exclusivity, so I won’t be getting two jobs at two different schools this semester either. I’m thinking about private lessons. We’ll see how that’ll work out.

This week I started reading “Lola And The Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins, which is turning out to be #awesomereading. I’m really liking this “novels for teens” thing. They’re really great.

If only all the teenagers that cross my path would be more like Étienne, Anna, Cricket and Lola.

Gotta get back to my book, “see” you guys next week!

So, I moved away from home (maybe I’ll get into details later) and I’m staying at my cousin’s. He lives in Linhares, Espírito Santo. I live in Linhares, Espírito Santo now. It’s really nice here. He has a really, really nice place. I’m still to get to know the neighborhood better. But the chances are it will turn out to be a good one. My other cousin also lives nearby.

The first cousin I was talking about (the one I’m living with) has a 4-year-old daughter and she’s ~adorable~. Too smart for her age and too smart for her own good. Lately, I’m trying to set differences between her crying sounds and her smiling ones. Sometimes, when I’m not in the same room as she is (which, I should tell you, it’s not frequently because she loves to follow me around and ask if I wanna play games with her) and she starts her ‘sounds’, I can’t quite distinguish if she’s crying or laughing. Yeah. I don’t know if I should be preoccupied by that or just amused.

Anyways, I went to a job interview today at Yázigi. It went quite well, I guess. I’ve already have two more interviews scheduled next week. I hope I get two jobs this semester. Please, God, PLEASE! I need money. I need to go abroad! I. Need. To. Start. A. Life. Worth. Calling. It. A. Life. For.

Thanks, invisible readers. That’s all for this week.

Convivência Humana

Quer saber a minha humilde opinião sobre convivência humana? WE’RE ALL FULL OF SHIT. Alguns dizem que sabem escutar a opinião dos outros. Outros, dizem que sabem expressar suas próprias opiniões sem ofenderem ou/e destratarem ninguém. Mas no fundo somos todos egoístas e fazemos o que achamos ser melhor para nós, apenas nós — sendo nossa ação certa/errada na opinião de quem quer que seja. Poxa, todos sabemos que não é simples conviver com alguém (amigo, se você não sabe disso, informe-se [ou se você acha que: NÃO, é SUPER SIMPLES conviver com, exemplo, fulano: 1o, você não entendeu que estou falando NO GERAL e 2o, se ainda assim você não concordar com a frase “conviver com pessoas não é nada fácil!” -> 3o, parabéns, você é um sonhador(a)!]). Até mesmo em convivências não-diárias, frequentemente, haverá divergência entre os pontos de vista.

Então, agora respondam, por que caçamos tantas confusões que seriam tão facilmente evitadas? É NORMAL PENSAR DIFERENTE! O “NÃO-NORMAL” SERIA SE TODOS NÓS PENSÁSSEMOS EXATAMENTE IGUAL! Vivam suas vidas. Deixem os outros viverem as deles.


I’m pissed off. Seriously pissed off. Solemnly pissed off. I want all human nature to just: F U C K  O F F! How can we be so fucked up? No one listens to anyone anymore. It’s aways I, ME, I THINK, I, I, I. There are tons of people like that here in Brazil and I bet there are even more out there. But, hey, that’s just MY humble opinion, right? I don’t need to rub it in your face and I don’t expect you to agree with me. I’m just saying. It happens to me so I guess it happens to someone out there too.

Anyways, I just wanted to know why my happiness (or anyone’s happiness, really) seems to irritate everyone around so fucking bad?